Chronic Pain Coaching

Find a new path forward with someone who understands your pain.

Do you feel like you’ve tried just about everything to help your chronic pain?

It can feel overwhelming. The appointments, medications, treatments, supplements, alternative therapies, and everything else you’ve tried.

It’s exhausting.

You need someone on your side. That’s where Pain Coaching comes in. We can talk it out…create a plan. You don’t have to do this alone.

Pain Coaching

Chronic pain wasn’t “Plan A” for your life, and it can feel lonely. You don’t have to walk this path alone.

With Pain Coaching, you have a partner to help you to envision what life can be like despite chronic pain.

In Chronic Pain Coaching sessions, you can:

chronic pain coaching
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Create a New Life Vision

See what is possible when you have someone who listens to you and believes in you.

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Calm Your Nervous System

Learn techniques to guide your mind-body out of old habits & into new ways of being in the world.

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Learn the Latest Pain Science

Discover the exciting new developments in neuroscience that can help change your experience of pain!

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Feel Empowered

By focusing on your strengths, seeing pain with compassion, & focusing on wellness, you can feel more hope for your life.

“I looked forward to our sessions, because I always left calmer, with more focus to reach my goals. Kris always listened intently, offering resources and guided me to find my way. I highly recommend working with Kris, she’s helped me greatly.”
Darla K.

Become More Resilient to Pain

In Pain Coaching you will integrate Pain Resilience Principles into your life so that you can live a life with less pain and more well-being. 

Some of the Pain Resilience Principles include:

Pain Resilience Principle Joy
Stress Management
Pain Resilience Principle Mindfulness
Social Support

As your quality of life improves you can begin to rewire how your brain interprets pain. It’s an exciting new paradigm for pain management that involves your mind-body-life and can make permanent changes. 

Schedule a call to see if this is a fit for your situation.

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