Kris Sutton discusses Chronic Pain with Noble Mind Podcast

Your pain is 100% real. Everything you're feeling is 100% real. You're feeling it…it's real.

Have you wanted to hear more about how Pain Coaching works to reduce pain and improve quality of life? Listen to Kris discuss how Pain Coaching can help people with chronic pain improve their quality of life and calm their pain. 

In this Podcast, Kris Sutton joins Dr. Kate King and Alex Gokce, MSW, to discuss Healing Chronic Pain, Pain Reprocessing, and Self-Compassion. During this conversation, Kris shares her journey through a lifetime of chronic pain, the various treatments she has tried, and what helps her now.

Kris shares how neuroplasticity works both for and against people with chronic pain and how you can start to train your nervous system to calm down against the triggers that set you off to pain. 

On this podcast, they talk about how Pain Reprocessing Therapy, Mindfulness, and Self-Compassion can make a positive influence on people with chronic pain. And there are laughs…because that is what Kris does. 🙂

Have a listen and learn about how you can begin to calm your pain.

If you know somebody who struggles with chronic pain, please share this podcast with them.

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Kris Sutton

Kris Sutton

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