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Sessions occur virtually online over Zoom or phone so that you can be located anywhere in the world with a phone or stable internet connection.

***Special Announcement***

Kris is currently unable to accept any new clients. Please check back in a couple of months to see when her calendar opens back up. We appreciate your understanding.

In the meantime, please use these resources: this app can be helpful to help with pain education and beginning to rewire your nervous system. They also have groups. This book is an excellent resource on how to understand how your nervous system creates chronic pain loops and how to get out of it This directory can point you to practitioners who practice the techniques laid out in the book. I’m certified in this technique. There are many great practitioners to choose from. I can’t specifically vouch for people, but I recommend you interview people to see who you find to be the best fit. This is an integrative approach to pain care where you can access a doctor, pain coach, PT, and pain psychologist. All care is virtual and based on the VA model. I see clients at Override on a part-time basis. Depending on your insurance, it may cover all or part of it.

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